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Innovating In-Store Experiences: Fusing Physical & Digital in Consumer Spaces

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After years of emphasis on digital channels, businesses are challenged to re-engage customers in physical spaces, responding to our human need for in-person, location-based interactions as well as offering new customer experiences. By fusing architecture and interaction design, physical spaces can be enlivened with digital technology and enable experiences that are immersive, participatory, and expressive of brand values. Faculty from CMU’s School of Design with College of Fine Art alumni will present real-world examples and speculative student work, followed by conversation with attendees about the opportunities and challenges of new, competitive technologies for retail and services. Questions we’ll explore include:
  • How do current technologies offer new immersive physical experiences? 
  • When does customer interaction offer memorable experiences that accrue value to the brand? 
  • What’s emerging that may impact the design of retail experiences?

Tuesday, December 13, 2022
1:00-2:00 p.m. EST
Virtual Program

All participants must register for this event. A Zoom login link will be provided before the virtual program in a confirmation email. 

Register by Monday, December 12

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Claire Hentschker

Design Strategist, LAB at Rockwell Group

Claire Hentschker is a Brooklyn-based creative strategist, educator, and artist. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from CMU’s School of Art and a Master of Tangible Interaction Design from CMU’s School of Architecture. She is Design Strategist at the Lab at Rockwell Group, developing immersive experiences that sit outside of traditional architecture. Claire was previously Artist In Residence and Interaction Designer at Cartier's Retail Innovation Lab, where she explored innovative applications of 3D scanning and augmented reality. Claire teaches classes on imagination-driven approaches to experimental technology at NYU's Tandon School of Engineering and in 2020 she garnered an online following for her intricate bedazzling of unassuming objects.


Claire Hentschker Headshot  


Daniel Rosenberg Munoz

Assistant Professor, School of Design, College of Fine Arts

Daniel Rosenberg is an Assistant Professor in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU). Designer, technologist, researcher, and educator, his works focused on designing large-scale interactive and technology-mediated environments with applications in the retail, smart manufacturing, and art/entertainment industries. Daniel holds a PhD and a Master of Science in Design and Computation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He has taught at RPI, SVA, ITP, and SVA’s Design for Social Innovation Program. His research work has been published internationally, including Creativity & Cognition, CAADRIA, CAAD Futures, ACSA, Dosya, and Footprint. 

In parallel to his academic background, Daniel has over 6 years of professional experience leading teams and collaborating with clients in the development of large-scale interactive projects for the tech industry. He was partner and Head of Design at Midnight Commercial, a design agency developing next-generation technological products and spaces, such as smart IoT devices, immersive art installations, and technology-mediated retail experiences. In 2018 he also founded Phantasma, a design consultancy specializing in large-scale immersive environments for the arts, entertainment, and recreational industries. His clients include Target, Cartier, Cadillac, Gentex, the New York Times, and TSG Entertainment.


Daniel Rosenberg Munoz Headshot 


Daphne Peters

Assistant Teaching Professor, School of Design, College of Fine Arts

Daphne Peters is an Assistant Teaching Professor and Chair of the Environments track in CMU’s School of Design. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture from CMU’s School of Architecture and a Master of Design and Art Direction from Elisava in Barcelona, Spain. With a focus on hybrid environments, branded experiences, and service design, Daphne teaches students across all levels of the curriculum 3D form-building, how to design for experiences that take place over time, and interaction design in its many forms. She enjoys working with students to understand the fundamentals of design and develop design solutions to complex problems. Daphne’s professional practice includes work that spans environmental graphics, print design, web design, and public art for clients that range from small businesses to institutions. She is also a co-founder of two design businesses, Coded Clay and Building Bytes, that bridge art and technology.

   Daphne Peters Headshot



Paul Pangaro

Visiting Scholar, School of Architecture and School of Design, College of Fine Arts

Paul Pangaro is Visiting Scholar in the School of Architecture and School of Design, College of Fine Arts. He joined CMU in 2019 as Professor of Practice in the Human-Computer Interaction Institute, part of CMU’s School of Computer Science. Pangaro's influential career includes roles as an entrepreneur, researcher, consultant, and teacher. He has founded and led start-ups, served as a chief technology officer and managed product teams, and consulted as a future-caster for DuPont, Nokia, Samsung, Instituto Itaú Cultural (Brasil), and Ogilvy & Mather among others. He has lectured and published on organizational design and conversation systems. Pangaro holds a bachelor of science in humanities/computer science (MIT), and a Ph.D. in cybernetics (Brunel University, UK). His personal website is pangaro.com.

 Paul Pangaro


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Aaron Martin
Anita Poulose
Ann Li
Audrey Reiley
Brian House
Bruce M. Hanington
Caitlyn Baensch
Chris William Kissell
dandan han
Daniel Pillis
David M Koltas
Eliseea Faur
Emily Wu
Hayley Jeanne Somerville
Heather Kelley
Hunter Hale
jiaqi wu
Julie Wagner
Kate Lee
Kelsey Engbrecht
Kevin Karn
Kyle Kelly
Kyle Mason Caruso
L. Yvonne Alston
Margarita Benitez
Martin Greenstein
Na Young Lee
Nikhil Shirali
Raksha Sahadev Hukkeri
Rebecca Abrams
Rghad Balkhyoor
Ruiling Zhang
Scott Almes
Steve Perlowski
Stuart Evans PhD
Susanna Zlotnikov
Thien Le
Xiaolin Ni
Yash Mittal
Yi Wei Ni
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